Parking Servies

S.K ENTERPRISES provides centralised control and processing of all parking related transactions, maintenance, accounting and administration protocols. Revenue control functions like blind cashiering that prevent attempts of customer and staff theft or leakage from the system is observed by us

Convenience in parking system

Convenience Parking System is the concept in which client is given primary preference. Our whole team is obliged to help our clients in every possible way. Our special training to our members makes them useful in emergency situations such as to perform first aid, use fire equipments, useful knowledge of surrounding area

Secure Consultancy Services

The important role of a parking within an office building, shopping centre, hospital or airport is often underestimated. In many cases, parking provides the first and last impression for visitors and a poor experience can leave them vowing never to return to your venue. We consider parking to be the 'front door' of any venue and a well designed car park that is brightly lit with clear signage, trained staff and effective traffic flow will always lead to customer satisfaction and increases client flow which translates into business for your tenants and a improved financial yield on your property.

Guidance System

Our approach has always been entrepreneurial. It is based on the understanding that each parking have have diffrent requirements, and each should be treated as a retail business. As a result, we have developed a series of unique systems and operating strategies that are specifically designed to maximize each site's revenue and asset potential. By involving us in the early stages of your development we can have a greater impact on the all ovee parking efficiency as a result it will beneficial to the Management.